Top 5 – Games Played in 2012

Ah, the year 2012 in review. From a gaming standpoint, this was an awesome year. Lots of long awaited sequels and reboots for hardcore gamers to enjoy. From a personal standpoint, 2012 was the first year I could thoroughly enjoy PC gaming and oh what enjoyment I had. It’s so easy to pick up a game for a few bucks and then spend 40 hours playing it on the PC (Terraria!!). Very easy to lose yourself in a light PC game, not something I’ve encountered much in games for the 360.

In any case, below are my Top 5 picks for games played in 2012. Since I don’t always get to a game at its release, this isn’t a list of top games released this year (although most are). Rather these are the Top 5 games I enjoyed for the first time in 2012. Let me know what would or would not have made your list.

5 – Terraria

Arena for the Destroyer that didn't work at all

Arena for the Destroyer that didn’t work at all

The only game to make the list that didn’t actually get a score, but Terraria was just too good to pass up. Listed on this blog as only a PC obsession, the 40+ hours I spent with the game should have warranted it a full review. I could spend another 40 hours in this game collecting more crystal shards and looking for mimics to drop better loot, but unfortunately I’ve reached an impasse. The bosses are too tough at this point to take on alone. Hopefully in the new year, Bones and I will team up to finally fight our way past the Destroyer.

4 – Assassins Creed III


Although Assassins Creed III missed the mark in terms of expectations, those expectations were ridiculously high. It wasn’t the best game in the series, but it was surely one of the best games that came out in 2012. As much as I enjoy the Assassins Creed games, I hope they take a year or two before coming out with a new Assassins Creed game. I’d hate to see these games pumped out year after year, sacrificing quality for a quick release.

3 – Xcom: Enemy Unknown

Taking the high ground to rescue civilians

Taking the high ground to rescue civilians

Not being a long time fan of the Xcom series, my introduction first came earlier in 2012 with a quick play through of Xcom: UFO Defense. Clearly from another era of gaming, I could still see the appeal of the game and quickly became excited for the series reboot. Xcom: Enemy Unknown was the perfect game for players new to the series and was a great reboot for long time fans. This is one title we haven’t seen the last of.

2 – Mass Effect 3


With a shaky, controversial ending, it’s easy to throw Mass Effect aside when it comes to top game consideration. However, the game did so much right. Great story, perfect game play. They changed everything that needed fixing and left all the parts intact. They wrapped up the series in perfect fashion. I couldn’t have asked for a better Mass Effect 3.

1 – Diablo III


In 2012, no game had higher and long time expectations than Diablo III. It had been 12 years since the last installment in the Diablo series and four years since the sequel announcement. Blizzard had one shot to get this done right and they nailed it right on the head. Not only did the main story take 20 hours plus to finish, but there were so many reasons to play the game again and again. Whether it was your relentless obsession with finding the best loot or if it was a matter of playing each level with a group of friends, Diablo III has plenty to offer beyond that initial play through. There was no question, Diablo III was the best game of 2012.

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